Wisdom Teeth

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Hey Readers! Unexpectedly before Valentine's Day my wisdom teeth decided to make an appearance. A few days later I woke up and could not open my mouth!! I'm on some pretty hefty antibiotics and am getting an extraction on Friday, so posting might be a bit sporadic until after I'm all healed up. Thanks for sticking with us, and wish me luck!!


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Pirate, lounging on her tower.

Cat Fashion of the Week

LOVE MOSCHINO cat print jersey dress

Yoga Inspiration: Handstand Scorpion

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I hope one day to be strong enough in my practice to attempt the handstand scorpion pose. Gotta represent for my fellow Scorpios! ;)

Happy Valentine's Day-cor

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01: anatomical heart desk caddy . 02: scrabble heart pillow cases . 03: love birds wall decal . 04: rose quartz carved skull . 05: carved heart wood cutting board . 06: driftwood heart wall hanging

This year for V-day we'll be going out on a photo adventure... the weekend after mind you, but that doesn't matter to us... In the way of decor, however, there is nothing going on in this apartment. Usually I try to do at least something, but time got the better of me. If I was decorating, here are some of top favourite items with a lovey-dovey feel to them. Did you decorate this year?